VoIP Hacking software

Asteroid: A collection of bad formatted SIP messages which canbe used to test SIP applications. Homepage: http://www.infiltrated.net/asteroid/. callflow: a powerful SIP call flow visualizer; Homepage: http://callflow.sourceforge.net/. hackingvoip: The “Hacking VoIP Exposed” book offers several tools for hacking your VoIP systems.http://www.hackingvoip.com/sec_tools.html. pjsip-perf, siptrp: Tools to generate high loads of calls (UDP+TCP) and simple call answer application. […]

VoIP Security Tool List

This VoIP Security Tool List provides categories, descriptions and links to current free and commercial VoIP security tools.VOIPSA provide us a very good list here: http://www.voipsa.org/Resources/tools.php