Sviluppo Ruby on Rails orientato SEO

(Photo credits: marciookabe) Lo sviluppo in Ruby on Rails del mio ultimo progetto mi ha portato a scontrarmi con l’ottimizzazione per i vari motori di ricerca dell’applicativo web. SEO è la tecnica del come ottimizzare il posizionamento nei motori di ricerca di un sito web in modo da ricere più visite dalle ricerche. Di seguito […]

Must Have SEO Firefox Extensions

Firebug – With this helpful little add-on, you can tweak and monitor CSS, inspect and edit HTML, debug, visualize CSS metrics, monitor your network and also make changes in JavaScript live in any web page Google Global Firefox Extension – As results for Google differ from one country to another, results become limited. The end […]

SEO for WordPress

WordPress is a blog software optimized for humans not for search engines.Here is some crap about optimizing WordPress. Links: SEO_Wordpress: Plugin to maximise search engine positioning in WordPress Update Services Ultimate WordPress SEO Tips Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips for WordPress 8 simple SEO tips for blogs Optimize WordPress for Search Engines WordPress and SEO […]

A list of SEO plugins for WordPress

Akismet – This one actually comes with wordpress you only need to get a liscence to activate it. Unless you have need for spam in your blog this is one the most effective tools for stopping it. Very little actually gets through and very little gets flagged as a false positive. Dagon Design Sitemap Generator […]