Security Testing Tools

A list of security testing tools, use it at your own risk.Some of these are old software, but works. You can find it with Google. Argus Network transaction monitoring tool (Linux) broadscan Broadcast address scannerCerberus Internet Scanner Windows web server vulnerability tester cgichk UNIX web server vulnerability testercgiexp UNIX web server vulnerability tester cgiscan UNIX […]

Free SQL Injection Scanners

SQLIer – SQLIer takes a vulnerable URL and attempts to determine all the necessary information to exploit the SQL Injection vulnerability by itself, requiring no user interaction at all. Get SQLIer. SQLbftools – SQLbftools is a collection of tools to retrieve MySQL information available using a blind SQL Injection attack. Get SQLbftools. SQL Injection Brute-forcer […]

VoIP Security Tool List

This VoIP Security Tool List provides categories, descriptions and links to current free and commercial VoIP security tools.VOIPSA provide us a very good list here: