CakePHP vs Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails or PHP, this is the dilemma. I think that Ruby on Rails is the greatest web development framework i have ever used, but Ruby is too slow, needs the deploy of some libraries, and can be a hell when you need to scale. On the other side PHP is tedious, but scale […]

What’s new in Rails 2

Today i was reading about the new features of Rails 2, there are a lot of changes, for an overview you can checkout the official rails blog announcement. Here is a little list of major changes and new features: ActionMailer::Base.server_settings Deprecated 1.month.from_now.no_longer.effed Source Code Annotations A Better Way to Access Your Helpers Stop Littering In […]

Migrating to Rails 2.0

Today i have done some migrations to Rails 2.0. Here is a quick todo checklist to upgrade your rails 1.2 to rails 2.0: Install Rails 2.0, for example with gem install rails Update system gems with gem update –system Change the value of RAILS_GEM_VERSION to 2.0.2 in your environment.rb Add the following lines to your […]

Ruby on Rails Optimizing Performance

Ruby on Rails is very fun, i love it, but Ruby sometimes can be slow.. So here there are some hints to speed up your Ruby on Rails web application. Rails Performance Tips Common Performance Problems in Rails – Pros and con between SQLSessionStore and MemChacheStore session containers, tips on optimizing queries, and general information […]

Sanitize HTML in Ruby

RSS have a design that make it easy to generate and fun for webmasters, but it’s a hell for anyone that must write a feed consumer.Here is some links about html sanitization in Ruby on Rails. Links: Sanitize HTML in Ruby Sanitize HTML to prevent XSS and page malformatting attacks sanitize() and blacklists acts_as_stripped: auto-stripping […]