Sniffing: SPAN port vs TAP

Sometimes the only way to do network monitoring and sniffing is using SPAN ports on network devices.I think that SPAN its not all bad but you must know that its limitations to be compliance with your requirements. This article can explain a lot of things that for a lot of network administrators is a unexplored […]

Documentation about Netflow

Here is some documentation about NetFlow, slides, papers, and how to: The Ultimate Netflow Data Realtime Analysis nProbe: an Open Source NetFlow Probe for Gigabit Networks NetFlow Version 9 NetFlow: Information loss or win? Netflow Tools NfSen and NFDUMP Cisco NetFlow and NBAR NetFlow @ DANTE Traffic Monitoring with Netflow Cisco CNS NetFlow Collection Engine […]

Papers about NetFlow applications

Properties and Prediction of Flow Statistics from Sampled Packet Streams Nick Duffield, Carsten Lund, Mikkel Thorup, Proc. ACM SIGCOMM IMC, 2002. A detailed investigation of the effects of packet sampling on flow-based traffic accounting. TCP Use and Performance on Internet2 Stanislav Shalunov, Benjamin Teitelbaum, ACL SIGCOMM IMW, 2001. See the pointer to the Abilene usage […]

Monitoraggio di rete con NetFlow all’ESC07

Questo week end saro` presente all’End Summer Camp, l’evento informatico di chiusura estate, dove sabato 15 settembre terro` il mio talk intitolato “Monitoraggio di rete con NetFlow” che raccontera` la storiella di come monitorare reti di elaboratori medio/grandi utilizzando il protocollo NetFlow, da cosa e` a che strumenti utilizzare.

Netflow software list

Some lists of NetFlow related software.Links: Free NetFlow Tools Freshmeat NetFlow