Papers about NetFlow applications

Properties and Prediction of Flow Statistics from Sampled Packet Streams Nick Duffield, Carsten Lund, Mikkel Thorup, Proc. ACM SIGCOMM IMC, 2002. A detailed investigation of the effects of packet sampling on flow-based traffic accounting. TCP Use and Performance on Internet2 Stanislav Shalunov, Benjamin Teitelbaum, ACL SIGCOMM IMW, 2001. See the pointer to the Abilene usage […]

Netflow software list

Some lists of NetFlow related software.Links: Free NetFlow Tools Freshmeat NetFlow

NetFlow Software

NFDUMP and NfSen NFDUMP is a set of tools to capture/record, dump, filter, and replay NetFlow (v5/v7/9) data. Can filter flows according to multiple user-defined profiles. NfSen is a Graphical Web-based front-end for the NFDUMP tools. Plots aggregate statistics over time, supports filtering and drilling down up to the individual flow level. CoMo Traffic monitoring […]


Alla fine dopo vari prodotti e test ho scelto Stager come strumento per la visualizzazione di dati provenienti da NetFlow. “Stager is a system for aggregating and presenting network statistics. Stager is generic and can be customized to present and process any kind of network statistics. The backend collects data and stores reports in a […]

NetFlow analysis tool: FlowScan

FlowScan e’ un tool per l’analisi di dati NetFlow, funziona sia con cflowd che con flow-capture (flow-tools).FlowScan esamina i dati aggregati, li categorizza e memorizza i risultati in database rrd.Per chi come me non ha voglia di compilare esistono i pacchetti di flowscan e flow-tools per Debian.Un esempio di cosa si puo’ ottenere. Link: Dave […]