splmap 0.6 released

My friend inquis today released one of the best SQL injection tools available to the public: sqlmap. For the ones of you that do not know this tool yet, sqlmap is an automatic SQL injection tool developed in Python. Its goal is to detect and take advantage of SQL injection vulnerabilities on web applications. Once […]

Penetration Testing Tools

Packet Shaper: Nemesis: a command line packet shaper Packit: The Packet Toolkit – A network packet shaper. Hping by Antirez: a command line TCP/IP packet shaper Sing: stands for ‘Send ICMP Nasty Garbage’; sends fully customizeable ICMP packets Scapy: a new python-based packet generator Password Cracker/Login Hacker: John the Ripper: a well-known password cracker for […]

VoIP Hacking software

Asteroid: A collection of bad formatted SIP messages which canbe used to test SIP applications. Homepage: http://www.infiltrated.net/asteroid/. callflow: a powerful SIP call flow visualizer; Homepage: http://callflow.sourceforge.net/. hackingvoip: The “Hacking VoIP Exposed” book offers several tools for hacking your VoIP systems.http://www.hackingvoip.com/sec_tools.html. pjsip-perf, siptrp: Tools to generate high loads of calls (UDP+TCP) and simple call answer application. […]

Must have Bluetooth hacking tools

This is a lis of the essential Bleutooth hacking tools, mostly for the Linux platform, that can be used to search out and hack Bluetooth-enabled devices. Discovering Bluetooth Devices BlueScanner – BlueScanner searches out for Bluetooth-enabled devices. It will try to extract as much information as possible for each newly discovered device. Download BlueScan. BlueSniff […]

Great list of hacking tools

On darknet blog you can found a great list of hacker tools: http://www.darknet.org.uk/category/hacking-tools/