Papers about NetFlow applications

and Prediction of Flow Statistics from Sampled Packet Streams
Nick Duffield, Carsten Lund, Mikkel Thorup, Proc. ACM SIGCOMM
IMC, 2002. A detailed investigation of the effects of packet sampling
on flow-based traffic accounting.

TCP Use and Performance on Internet2
Stanislav Shalunov, Benjamin Teitelbaum, ACL SIGCOMM IMW, 2001.
See the pointer to the
Abilene usage report page in the projects section of these

Traffic analysis and infrastructure monitoring in CESNET2
Tom Kosnar, PAM 2001.
Flow-Based Traffic Analysis at SWITCH
Simon Leinen, PAM 2001 (poster).
Presentation and BOF
Dave Plonka, NANOG 21, 2001. Slide presentation and RealVideo
recording. Slides also available here.
FlowScan: A
Network Traffic Flow Reporting and Visualization Tool
by Dave Plonka, Usenix LISA 2000. Also available in full as HTML and PS,
as well as the slides
of the presentation.
Cisco NetFlow Exports with Relational Database Technology for Usage
Statistics, Intrusion Detection, and Network Forensics
by Bill Nickless, John-Paul Navarro, and Linda Winkler, Usenix
LISA 2000.

The OSU Flow-tools Package and CISCO NetFlow Logs
by Steve Romig, Mark Fullmer, and Ron Luman, Usenix LISA
Cisco Flow Logs and Intrusion Detection at the Ohio State University
by Steve Romig, Mark Fullmer, Suresh Ramachandran, Usenix
;login: vol.9, 1999. Describes the use of the OSU flow tools for Intrusion
traffic demands for operational IP networks: Methodology and
by Anja Feldmann, Albert Greenberg, Carsten Lund, Nick Reingold,
Jennifer Rexford, and Fred True, ACM TON, June 2001. Also available:
from a presentation to the ISMA workshop.

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