CakePHP vs Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails or PHP, this is the dilemma.
I think that Ruby on Rails is the greatest web development framework i have ever used, but Ruby is too slow, needs the deploy of some libraries, and can be a hell when you need to scale.
On the other side PHP is tedious, but scale well and have a lot of libraries.


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One Response to “CakePHP vs Ruby on Rails”

  1. jack says:

    The issue of scalability is an extremely complex one, involving many factors. Speed is only one of the many factors that needs to be taken into account with thinking about scalability. PHP may be faster than Ruby (on Rails), but that does not make PHP more scalable.

    Look at the Ruby on Rails. It’s far easier to integrate new functionality into an application than it is to do the same with PHP. It is also far easier to update plugins and gems. In PHP you’d have an utter nightmare doing that. That is also scalability, and unless you are running a massively successful site (keep dreaming), maintainability is far more important than any thought of speed.

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